does anybody know about Fair Trade ?


GEOGRAPHY :- i need help about Fair Trade !
particulary on coffee / bananas
leave me a website or let me know information you think about it.
Thanks xx





Fair Trade is a global co-brand that is used to tell consumers that the product they are buying has been grown in the developing world, by people who are paid a fair price for their labour. There is also a social premium (typically $ 0.05 – $ 0.10 per kg) that goes to the communities where the products are grown, to help fund education, health clinics, water and sanitation and other social amenities.

It’s value is growing by an average of 45% a year in the UK (more than doubling from 2006 – 7) and Fair Trade sales are now worth over half a billion pounds in this country.

It was set up in the UK more than 10 years ago by the Fair Trade Foundation, in collaboration with the Co-Op. Landmark successes have been the conversion of all Sainsbury’s bananas, a lot of M&S cotton, tea, coffee and preserves and all Tate & Lyle retail sugar.

Please do look at all the excellent presentations in the FAIRTRADE seminar on 20 February 2008, at the FDIN link below: priceless!

Randall E

Having a policy of not paying workers less than $ 1/hour just means not doing business in countries or regions where the market rate is below $ 1/hour. That prevents job creation in those countries and regions, which means the villagers have to return to subsistence farming and their economies never develop.

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